Why developers need a blog

Hi everyone! 👋

This is my first article on Hashnode.com and I am so excited about that. My name is Michael Sakhniuk and I am a Frontend Software Engineer from Russia. I have been working and growing as a developer for more than 4 years. Right now I'm working as Senior Frontend Developer in a big Fintech company in Russia.

Recently I decided to start sharing my experience and knowledge with the dev world.

In this topic, I will share why I (or another developer) need a blog.

Own blog for Developer

There are many blogs on the Internet and who will get interested in mine?

First of all, you don't need a blog as an own website (or server). Nowadays there are a lot of ready blog services:

  • Hashnode
  • Medium
  • dev.to
  • other

Choose anything you like and start in a couple of minutes.

Structuring your thoughts

Any text in articles, books, and anywhere else has a structure of paragraphs and sentences. While you writing an article, you should create a thoughts composition, that you will leave in the article. This skill very important in high levels of dev career.

Thus, having the right and clean thoughts can give you a lot of opportunities in future

You are helping newbies to resolve their problems

On the way to be an expert in your sphere, the moment comes when you need to help your teammates, mentoring them, or managing like a team leader.

With a blog, you are able to help hundreds or maybe thousands of people who try to find answers to their questions

You are growing your developer level

By sharing your experience and knowledge you are remembering the subject much better. With a lot of articles about one topic, you will definitely increase your dev skills. Just write a lot about the technology you like and with more practice, you will be an expert.


Definitely, I have not mentioned everything pros about having a blog but is enough to make a decision to have a blog or not.

But the most important thing to be constancy. Don't give up and you'll reach your goals.

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